Feb 142011

Code is running fairly stable on classcomm dev now, and passing most test.  I’ve released latest Experimental branch code to the public facing server and  configured classcomm.net to point to it. So far the change list on the new version goes something like:

Release: 0.5.8
Merge: Expected from Experimental branch
Date: 2/14/2010
(+) Initial Beta release of Classcomm Instructor.
(+) Refactored gen_sec_link from template sprawl to a subclass of FileField called ProtectedFileField.
This definitely adds a new flavor of stability and elegance to the project.
(+) Now Paginators have configurable default Items per Page views in the settings.py file.
(+) 0.6 requires Django 1.3+ and Python 2.6+
(+) Adds Django Logging default configurations, initial messages and easily demoed packaged with the DISQUS team’s Django Sentry App.
(+) Converts to using Django 1.3 staticfiles
(+) Settings now enables gZip compression for all Communication with browsers that support it, and also enables transactions by default (Transactions have no effect in MySQL – ISAM tables)
(+) Modified site layout to make better use of spacing (more spacing but still mobile compatible views)
Classcomm renders beautifully on test target Augen 7″ touch tablet and passes most page validations.
(+) Fixed issue of ModAuthToken password showing as clear text in on template debug pages when Debug = True by including SECRET in variable name.
(+) Adds duplication prevention Validation (there is a minor race condition on n-parallel systems, but I have begun a short paper on the best approach to solving this in Django across database options with caching enabled. Trying to add a duplicate will render an appropriate form error message!
(+) More sortable tables support—still work to be done on improving sortable for the separator row case.
(+) New dynamically updating JQuery server time clock.
(+) Using the latest Django 1.3 features and admin customizations–initial round of filters and options in place. New product requires Django 1.3
(+) New approach of converting all FileFields to ProtectedFileFields solves the issue of creating accurate working and secure download links in admin—This Now working and this improvement simplifies existing template grammar!
(+) Updates template_loader for the current Django 1.3 release.
(+) Modified student_portal Grade model to include return_date field.
(+) Added dashboard app and made a root page linking to the different app components (this is where the ajax server clock lives).
(+) Adds default 404.html and 500.html error templates.
(+) Adds Custom Validation to the models layer for Grade, Submission and DueDateOverride to explicitly verify Enrollment <–> Assignment Pairing
(+) Adding AJAX function for getting a JSON list of Assignment {id, name}s by Enrollment-id.
(+) Uses previous function in custom template change_form extensions to dynamically filter Assignment Lists based on Enrollment selection.
(+) Better site-wide and code documentation.
(+) Other minor improvements/bug fixes. Please remember we are not supporting widespread use until version 1.0, and the 0.6 release represents many
long standing milestones achievements/bug fixes provided largely in part by the Django 1.3 release. The 0.6.X series will hopefully be exciting indeed!
(***) Current version of Sentry broken in Django 1.3 beta. Remote_url and URL_store path are points of failure in logging when trying to generate page views.

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