Feb 102011

WordPress has become my number one pick for Blog-rolling a project in the past few years.  It has great support and an ever evolving extensive set of features and plug-ins available.  It is definitely a great software release, and a primary role model for where I want to take Classcomm in the next couple years–well in a way.  

For starters the WordPress interactive install is a great example of an app which is enabled by default and walks through a set of forms configuring what for us is the settings.py file.  WordPress is more than an example however, it does uniquely and precisely what it intends to do just as Classcomm is intended to be a service for delivering and managing Courses on the web.

Besides being able to provide a different set of views and angle on this project, it should also alleviate congestion on the Google Code project hosting homepage, and allow us to keep you better posted on this deploy able (reusable) web application for managing Courses.